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It's no big secret that literally everything we do online is being tracked, logged, cross-referenced and stored. The wealth of data collected and analyzed from the search engines, websites and social activities that we use everyday is used by marketers to mold our minds and to help better sell products. If your company isn't using this information to get visible, your potential prospects will be left to your competitors.

Right now, your business could be reaching people who have already displayed positive purchase indicators within your state, radius of your business address, or even to a single zip code. We increase your local and regional visibility, while fostering top-of-mind-awareness across national and local news, sports, informational and entertainment networks.


Satiate your audiences need for information.

Even if you already have good traffic, your destination pages need to have the right information and a strong pitch that captivates your audience and drives action . If your visitors are not finding the information and clarity that they need, they'll likely find it elsewhere. Stop driving potential customers to your competitors.

Get started with Lean-n-EasyTM, the program that helps small companies to better cater to their audience's needs by delivering action oriented promos and more focused information to targeted audiences. We help further improve engagement by A/B testing different combinations of landing page content and message, discovering the best approach that delivers new business. Let us handle the fact-finding, design, promotional planning, campaign hooks, and sales copy within our one easy and affordable program.

Great Creative + Targeted Placement = The 1-2 punch needed to get things moving!
Content Marketing
Remarketing experts can help reclaim missed opportunities.

Reaching an audience is less than half of the battle. How can you assure you won't be forgotten?

Once your business has joined the Media Infocus Lean-n-Easy ProgramTM, your past audiences will begin seeing frequent reminders on their favorite websites and social channels that are tailored towards the interest that lead to their initial visit or inquiry. This process of marketing to past visitors is known as remarketing, a strategy to help reclaim missed opportunities and maintain top-of-mind awareness.

There are several strategies that we utilize including simple reminders, delayed offers, parallel products and more. No special action or sign-up is required by your audience. All your prospects need to do is view specially marked content on your website, or view a tracked video. In addition to the marketplace reminders, which reach across more than 94% of the internet, your prospects will be continuously reminded of their past interest in your products and services through our periodic automated email drip-marketing programs.

Let's start turning missed opportunities into new business!

Having an "ear to the ground" would be an understatement of the year.

You can't make marketing improvements without setting measures to collect the right data. We continually monitor results through local and toll-free numbers, trackable actions and website analytics in order to continually work towards improving the performance of your campaigns. Our reports combine all of your online presence efforts into one easy snapshot that combines details of your social channels, website traffic and online campaign performance. This unified report keeps you well informed while helping us to better evaluate and improve overall performance.

Measure Results - Improve Performance - Increase ROI.
SEM Advertising Agency Analytics
Advertising and Marketing Consultants can save you time and money

"Online presence integrated" - We are local, responsive, and reasonable. We are YOUR online presence people.

Isn't it time that you had one team to manage all of your creative and content development tasks? Break free of the marketing mundane and start freeing up more time for the important tasks that your business and life demands. Our programs simplify the online presence tasks for small business owners and save you time, while working towards gaining much more than your fair share of the online presence pie. Learn about our pricing model below.

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Our LEAN-n-EASY Connecticut small business program creates a budget that is all inclusive of campaign creative, production, graphic design, management services, hosting, tracking numbers, audience evaluation and even co-op funds search and invoicing. Typical Lean-n-EasyTM budget plans are all-inclusive and normally run between $950-$1,500 monthly including advertising budgets. Ongoing production related expenses are balanced into the same easy, affordable, monthly investment for approved on-program clients.

100% Transparency: Each month your billing will be split between what you pay us and what you pay to media providers. Google, Bing, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, and others will be managed by us and billed directly to you. Transparency is important, because it allows you to be certain that ads ran and that your budget lead to actual online exposure. Be wary of any provider that doesn't operate with 100% transparency.

Getting Started: We'll take a look at your current online presence strategy, website content marketing, social presence, online promotional and advertising strategies and formulate a winning plan for your business that is easy, effective, affordable and time-saving. Give us a call or drop us a line today!

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